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What is Community-Powered Journalism?

We provide a detailed roadmap for media and news organizations to achieve symbiosis and sustainability in concert with the communities of people served.


Where to begin?

“What can I do TODAY to bring readers and editors into a dialogue? What (smaller) methods or questions or suggestions do you have for me?”

Reaching new audiences

“How can we reach people who are, so far, not interested in our content? How can we find out who those people are and what can we do to serve them best?”

Mapping the Customer Journey

“How do I get a total picture of how people become members, so that I can get others to follow the same path?”

What people are saying about Community-Powered Journalism

“Exactly what’s needed, a mile ahead of anything else out there.”

Anya Schifrin, Director, Media Advocacy and Communications Program, School of International Affairs at Columbia University

“Davis and Hunter stand out in their ability to offer new ways to build engagement and revenue streams that support the reporting essential to communities.”

James T. Hamilton, Hearst Professor of Communication and
Director of the Journalism Program, Stanford University

“Innovative and informed by case studies from around the world, Community-Powered Journalism offers a powerful vision for the future of news media and the essential need to connect with the communities they serve.”

Courtney Radsch, author, Cyberactivism and Citizen Journalism in Egypt: Digital Dissidence and Political Change

About the Authors

Kevin Davis
Kevin Davis

With over 20 years of experience in strategic development and growth at news and media organizations, Davis is the founder and principal consultant at KLJD Consulting.

Dr. Mark Lee Hunter
Dr. Mark Lee Hunter

Mark Lee Hunter is an Adjunct Professor at INSEAD and Founding Director of the Future Media Management Programme at SSE-Riga and author.

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