Here’s what people are saying about Community Powered Journalism:

Anya Schiffrin

Director, media, advocacy and communications program, School of International Affairs at Columbia University

“”Its miles ahead of anything else out there.”

Jay Hamilton

Hearst Professor of Communication and
Director of the Journalism Program, Stanford University:

“Community-Powered Journalism: A Manual for Sustainability and Growth in Independent News lives up to the promise of its title.
Through case studies, management theories, and engagingly written prose, Kevin Davis and Mark Lee Hunter offer clear lessons for how independent news outlets can better serve their communities. While many authors write about journalism’s challenges, Davis and Hunter stand out in their ability to offer new ways to build engagement and revenue streams that support the reporting essential to communities.”

Astrid Csuraji

Founder and CEO

“I really loved reading the book. Excellent thoughts and lots of material to further think about.